Final Offer JULY

I offered this to all of my Facebook peeps and thought, why not offer it to my WordPress peeps? Heck, There are more health enthusiasts on my WordPress!

This is it. Last chance to get in on the Incentive I have for you, Beside the getting healthy, losing weight, and making money Incentive already in place. Make a choice, make it happen. Contact me after you watch this video and I will tell you the deal.

(ps I can tell how much of it you watch, if at all, so be sure to watch it all) ( Time is running out all orders must be placed by August 1st) This is the LAST time I will offer any incentives, I will not be offering any special incentives to join me in the challenge again, other than my 25% donation to ViSalus Giving ( or other causes I support)

ViSalus already gives everyone the opportunity to get fit, Save Money, Lose weight, be healthy, free themselves from disease, while getting paid 10 different ways, 5 times per month. Plus free product, vacations, BMW’s and bonus checks.  This Is incentive enough!

Who am I looking to partner with?


  • Ready to take their health seriously
  • Ready to share to get their kit free
  • Ready to participate Fully


  • All of the above
  • String desire to have more so they can GIVE MORE
  • No excuse personality
  • Service Driven Heart
  • Ready to help others achieve success

The benefits of being involved with this challenge often results in Health, Wealth, and Happiness. 

Global launch is also Imminent and positioning during this time is IDEAL. See what one of our most popular Promoters tweeted last week!

Here’s to our Health!

Tara Woodruff

727 945 2103



About Tara Woodruff

I am an entrepreneur. I Escaped the Rat Race after 20 yrs in the Restaurant Biz... Now I Help Ordinary 'Average' People with Extraordinary Dreams do the same so they can Explore their True Passions in Life. My life is rockin'! This Blog is about my Evolution.
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