What You Crave

English: Cauliflower Ελληνικά: Κουνουπίδι

English: Cauliflower Ελληνικά: Κουνουπίδι (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Young collard plants growing in a container

Young collard plants growing in a container (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw a post in my VIP Challengers Team that prompted me to share with you! I found this information very helpful as I always knew that our cravings were in place to signal us to get nutrients our bodies wanted and needed, BUT did my body REALLY want Ice cream? Is there really something in there that my body NEEDED?  One thing I would like to point out is , many of our cravings are based in a psychological desire. Ice cream may be a craving from a memory of feeling good that we wish to bring into our perspective for one reason or another. With that being said, we also crave things because our body sends a signal to our brains in order for us to satisfy a depletion of a mineral or vitamin our body is craving for it’s best function. What we do with that signal can lead us to poor choices to fulfill those physiological needs leading to other problems like poor health and all that comes with it.

So, here I am going to show you the information I found, and it is my hope that you get value from it.


Chocolate                                     Magnesium                                     Nuts, Seeds, Legumes


Sweets                                          Chromium                                    Broccoli, grapes, cheese,


Carbon                                           Fresh Fruits

Phosphorous                                 Chicken, Beef, Fish, Eggs,

dairy, nuts, legumes, grain

Sulphur                                         Cranberries, horseradish,

Cauliflower, Broccoli,


Tryptophan                                   Cheese, Lamb, Liver,

Raisins, Sweet Potato,



Bread, Toast, Pasta ETC          Nitrogen                                         High Protein Foods:

Nuts, Legumes, Beans,

Fish, Meat, Soy Protein



Oily, Fatty Foods                    Calcium                                              Spinach, Collards, Kale,

Broccoli, Milk, Cheese,


One thing I would like to point out, especially for those that have been thinking about or are Vegetarian: Most of our meat sources are VEGETARIAN. They get their protein and calcium from PLANTS. Plants are always a better choice when eating, they deliver MORE nutrients than meats. And for you Meat eaters (Like Me) JUST KNOW THIS, Meat in our diets is more of a flavor and preference. Eat LOCAL free range meat when ever possible to enjoy the nutrients it does have. When you purchase meat in a grocery store, you are not getting healthy meat.

To Our Finest Life,

Tara Woodruff


727 945 2193

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