Weight-Loss Surgery

I noticed that a major trend on the internet today is Weight-Loss Surgery. People are out there researching this method for weight-loss in massive numbers today and that really makes me think. I understand being fat, and I understand wanting to not be fat.

The basic, and I mean basic function of Gastric By Pass or Lap Band surgery is to reduce the size of ones stomach so that they feel full faster and thus eat far less and lose weight. The results are dramatic and fast. People lose weight very quickly with this method. The problem is, feeling full has NOTHING to do with why or why not a person is fat. It has to do with feeling satisfied. I know that I got fat because I ate beyond the feeling of full, trying to satisfy an emotion more than a hunger for food. Also we will feel hungrier if our nutrition levels are low. So we fill up and over on empty food even dangerous food. Creating a Dis ease in the body and causing obesity and other things.

So in a long run, how does this surgery help a person really maintain a healthy weight? It doesn’t, unless it is combined with a real self discovery our ourselves. Why we eat unhealthy foods in the first place and why we eat beyond full in the first place does not get cut out of us when we have this surgery. It remains.

Now, In the beginning of any change towards weight loss , as long as there are measurable results to inspire a person, the plan will be successful. But as time goes on, the person must face the issues behind their obesity for those results to last. It is a Commitment to be healthy more than a cut of the knife. This commitment must be so strong and compelling that the person preservers even when observable results are  not evident. Being a healthy weight includes far more than diet and exercise. It is psychology and faith.

Our mental well-being is what will keep us in shape. When we are connected to our higher consciousness we will NATURALLY make better choices, AND we will not consume foods past our full state.

My last Challenge I saw very little exterior results in my weight loss. What I did see is a whole new lifestyle begin to emerge, a healthier one. Now some would quit at this point, but those really dedicated to the change of life keeps going, knowing it is only a matter of time before the body gives up its unhealthy state and joins the healthy mind you have created.

If you are reading this because you found it while looking for information of Weight-Loss Surgery. I challenge you to start the Challenge NOW. It will save you bundles of money, and be far safer for you. Join me in a quest for a healthy life, and you will be rewarded with a healthy body. If you are considering Weight-Loss surgery and have not yet tried the Challenge, You need to. If you have had Weight-loss Surgery and need help maintaining  The Challenge is For you and I am here to help.

It can be this:

or this:

You Choose.

Tara Woodruff

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About Tara Woodruff

I am an entrepreneur. I Escaped the Rat Race after 20 yrs in the Restaurant Biz... Now I Help Ordinary 'Average' People with Extraordinary Dreams do the same so they can Explore their True Passions in Life. My life is rockin'! This Blog is about my Evolution.
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6 Responses to Weight-Loss Surgery

  1. saralitardo says:

    This is an amazing post for everyone who has been considering surgery, already did surgery, and who are looking for more options! You are an inspiration with your blogs keep em comin!

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  4. I love seeing the before and after photos. It really is a source of inspiration. Thank you!!

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