Sleep Thight

Okay, I have had insomnia for a bit over a week, that has been my ‘private’ excuse not to go jogging, because by the time I wake it is HOT! So yesterday I got busy and decided not exercising is adding to the problem, and it is not what I want in this preferred existence any how. So I did almost an hour of Vinyasa yoga {really loved it!] and at about  9:45 I went for a short jog. Sweat is good!

Non the less, I went to sleep around 7 am this morning.

I woke at 1 pm [ very deeply grateful for the sleep indeed] and felt like a truck hit me! WOWZERS! I did not expect the Vinyasa to feel this way a day after! Even though I had read some blogs about others not being able to move after their first time!  If you are looking for a challenging Yoga Work out where you SWEAT but ar not ready to take on Hot Yoga or Birkam Yoga, Start with Vinyasa, You will love it!!!

With that being said, Do any of my readers have good holistic methods for insomnia? I know not to fight it, and am blessed to be my own boss [ otherwise I would be in big trouble ] and can allow it to just flow. I really like to have a more normal sleep pattern [like the one I had just a week or so ago]. AHH I got it, I just use my Law of Attraction and It will be done!

Here are some tips I have learned over the years about Insomnia:

  • Do not fight it, get up.
  • Take the time to pamper yourself [ladies, this means giving yourself a pedicure, taking that long bath, facial, hair treatment]
  • Often times you are up for a reason, this is a real good time to journal or blog.
  • Read, research, look up things you never have time to explore normally
  • Meditate

SO I  have anew blog. It is all about beautiful homes and estates for sale all across the world. Check it out, it is beautiful!

Holy Moly! That’s Me!! [just kidding, but it sure feels good to 'see' how I am becoming]

The Finest Life,

Tara Woodruff

727 945 2193

About Tara Woodruff

I am an entrepreneur. I Escaped the Rat Race after 20 yrs in the Restaurant Biz... Now I Help Ordinary 'Average' People with Extraordinary Dreams do the same so they can Explore their True Passions in Life. My life is rockin'! This Blog is about my Evolution.
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