Day 1 Week 5 and Dreams!

Good day! HOT here in Florida!!

 Sleep was a Mess last night! But, I did manage to dream a little bit! In my dream I was running down the beach, barefooted. I could hear a resounding voice [like the God voice]. I was conversating with it in my head as I ran down the beach. I was asking ‘What about my feet? Will I hurt them running this way? What if there is a rock or a piece of glass?’ The resounding God Voice reply’s, ‘You are doing it right and you will not hurt your feet. Just hit the ground with your whole foot as you run and it will be perfect.’ So I say, ‘ Am I doing it right?’ And the Resounding God voice says. ‘YES!’ I kept running, hitting my feet flat on the wet sand, feeling the breeze of the ocean and smelling the salt. No worries about the feet, I knew I was doing it right! SO I am wanting to hear from the runners that use their whole foot!! I found this Delicious Article about Barefoot Running!

So after a fit full sleep, I fully woke up and started to get ready for the Day one of Week 5 Pooch to 5 k. Today I was bringing Charlie! Sara went along with us with Addisson [Sara just walks because she is pregers]. Charlie sure does like a bit of a faster pace. So it was both a challenge and a relief to see that I can hold up. He was very happy to be my Jogging partner and I do belive this will work out awesome for the both of us. Towards the end, we waited for Sara and Addisson to catch up and we did my cool down walk with them.

All of a sudden Addison did the most amazing Doggie feet! There was a puddle [I do not know how as we are DRYYYYY as a BONEEEEE] and Addison really just made my day. She is a Bully, so she is muscular like those Crossfit Chicks. She rolled right in the water, mud and dirt!! So freaking cute!! Charlie tried to get as excited as her, but her really isn’t as much of a fan of Wet as she is, so he only managed to lay down in it for a split second [I think just to please me]. OH MY GOODNESSS Addisson so looked like she just came back from a MUDDER!! So With out further waiting, Here is Addisson, The Mudder Dog!

The Mudder Chick Dog!!!

So I am feeling good, and ready to go for a walk with Lucy and Dakota this evening!!!

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About Tara Woodruff

I am an entrepreneur. I Escaped the Rat Race after 20 yrs in the Restaurant Biz... Now I Help Ordinary 'Average' People with Extraordinary Dreams do the same so they can Explore their True Passions in Life. My life is rockin'! This Blog is about my Evolution.
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3 Responses to Day 1 Week 5 and Dreams!

  1. Audrey says:

    Week 5!! I’m so enjoying following your progress.

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