Session 2 of Pooch to 5k and KANSAS CITY!!!

OMG!!! I am soo siked! i did my day 1 of Session 2 for my Pooch to 5k and I am soo pumped! I sweat!!! I cried!!! I DID IT!!!! Lucy was all like ‘I wonder what her problem is’ LOL

Ohh Yeah ! That’s Right!!!

Last October when I went to the ViSalus National convention in Atlanta, I was enamored by all the Ambassadors I saw going to and from their morning jogs! NOW I am headed out today to KANSAS CITY for the Visalus National Convention and I will be Going for my Morning Jogs as well! That’s Right!!! WOOT WOOT!!! I am so freakin siked!  If the hotel has Free WIFI I will keep ya’ll updated, if not we will have to wait till I get back!! WOOT WOOT!!!  I will have sooo many pictures to share!! Even of me Jogging!!

In Health!

Tara Woodruff

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About Tara Woodruff

I am an entrepreneur. I Escaped the Rat Race after 20 yrs in the Restaurant Biz... Now I Help Ordinary 'Average' People with Extraordinary Dreams do the same so they can Explore their True Passions in Life. My life is rockin'! This Blog is about my Evolution.
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7 Responses to Session 2 of Pooch to 5k and KANSAS CITY!!!

  1. joining the fit crowd…nice!!

  2. Tara, you crack me up…lol. Best wishes in KC…hope they have wifi.

    Be encouraged!

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